We lost our longtime, loyal Nitro-Phos mascot Miss Lucy today.

She rode with Mr. Dan most days on route to visit customers.

Was always willing to chase our warehouse cat Midnight (even though I know they really liked each other). Lucy had little accommodation for a cat or a rat and was always on the lookout.

She loved a good drive-thru burger and any opportunity to run through most any field. RIP Miss Lucy! Run the biggest fields...

Lucy is buried next to her longtime friend Midnight.

​Lucy Snyder - 2007 - 041219

Randy Lemmon 010462 - 010423
We will surely miss Mr. Randy at Nitro-Phos. Our thoughts go out to his family.
Randy Lemmon was a true inspiration for us and for people that knew him.
Apart from his vast knowledge of gardening and agriculture in these parts (and in general), Randy was always quite the "bright light" in the room. He was ever a "student of the game". He seemed to love what he did and inspired and helped others in their lawn and garden and/or in their growing operations throughout the region. He was well respected.
Thank you Randy for your service and friendship to Texas and the surrounding.
Rest in peace sir.

Bill Bailey - Houston Livestock & Rodeo article

Longtime friend of Nitro-Phos Fertilizers,

Mr. Bill Bailey passed away July 27, 2017.

RIP... Mr. Bailey

Read this nice article written about Bill in 2016 and published by The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

Dan Snyder - Nitro-Phos Fertilizers KLVI

Dan Snyder in the studio Spring 2016, taking gardening and agriculture questions about Nitro-Phos products from The Jim Love Radio Show listeners, live on KLVI Iheart Radio in Beaumont,TX, Saturday mornings. Dan stops in periodically to share his gardening knowledge.