Plumeria 7-27-08​

Plumeria fertilizer is low in nitrogen high in phosphate to ensure bud production, healthy stems. Contains potassium nitrate, urea form, cotton seed meal.

6 12294 90009 8

Bougainvillea 20-6-10

Bougainvillea is a professional, high-quality 4 month controlled release fertilizer specifically formulated for bougainvillea in a hot humid climate of the Texas regions.

6 12294 90027 2

Pansy 14-7-14

Pansy fertilizer has Urea Form, Nitrogen and Potassium Nitrate that reacts similar to Blood Meal in the soil.  This combination will produce a beautiful fall color.

NP-PA147-44 LB.6/CS
6 12294 92110 9

Hibiscus Fertilizer 12-3-16

Hibiscus Fertilizer is designed for blooming tropicals’ recommended by leading hibiscus growers.

  • 1.1% iron
  • 13% sulfur plus trace elements to ensure healthy stems, rich green foliage and colorful blooms

NP-HF931-1212 LB.1 TUB
6 12294 90005 0
NP-HB123-44 LB.6/CS6 12294 12316 9


Blood Meal 12-0-0

Blood Meal is a natural organic source of slowly available nitrogen dependent on microbial decomposition. Especially useful to promote new growth, deep green leaves and strong stems for:​

  • Roses, Pansies, Violets & Caladiums

NP-BL120-1515 LB.
6 12294 26032 1
NP-BL120-33 LB.10/CS6 12294 21200 9

Bone Meal 0-10-0

Bone Meal is a natural organic source of phosphorus, it stimulates flowering, promotes healthy roots and imparts winter hardiness. 
Useful on:

  • Roses, Bulbs, Iris, Pansies & Crepe Myrtles

NP-BO010-2020 LB.
6 12294 26041 3
NP-BO010-44 LB.12/CS6 12294 

Aluminum Sulphate

Aluminum Sulphate helps create an acid soil condition (excess alkalinity in the soil) which is desirable to the growth of certain type plants, such as:

  • Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, Holly, etc.
  • Accelerates color in hydrangeas

6 12294 60000 4

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)

Common plant foods contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium but are frequently deficient in magnesium and sulfur. This product supplies just the right mix of these vital nutrients to give a boost to almost anything that grows.

  • Brighter flower coloration, longer bloom duration
  • ​Bigger vegetables
  • ​Stronger Trees, greener leaves
  • ​Enriches soil fertility.
  • ​Contains 9.8% Magnesium and 12.9% Sulfur

NP-MGN-33 LB.12/CS
6 12294 90014 2

Superphosphate 0-18-0

Superphosphate contains a high analysis of phosphorous to:

  • Correct a soil deficiency
  • Promote plant vigor
  • Stimulate early root growth
  • ​Increase blooming
  • ​Impart winter hardiness in perennial

NP-SU018-44 LB.12/CS
6 12294 26018 5

Muriate of Potash 0-0-60

Muriate of Potash is a compound of potassium and is one of the primary foods required by plants for vigorous growth. Potash is especially helpful in developing plant resistance to disease. It helps to develop strong stems and good root systems.

NP-MO006-44 LB.12/CS
6 12294 26006 2

Triple Superphosphate 0-45-0

Triple Superphosphate contains a high analysis of phosphorus to correct a soil deficiency, to promote plant vigor, stimulate early root growth, and increase blooming and to impart winter-hardiness in perennials.

  • Contains 45% Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)

NP-TR0454 LB.12/CS
6 12294 33046 8

Copperas Iron Sulphate

Copperas is recommended to help prevent that yellow and faded out look in you lawns, shrubs and other plants caused by an iron deficiency. Copperas is also used to acidify the soil and may be used any time during the growing season.

  • ​Contains 10% Sulfur (S)
  • ​Contains 20% Iron (Fe)

NP-CO20-44 LB.12/CS
6 12294 30000 3

Cottonseed Meal 6-2-1

Cottonseed Meal is a natural organic source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Use on all plants including:

    Bulbs, Flowers, Vegetables, Shrubs & Azaleas

NP-CO621-5050 LB.1
NP-CO621-33 LB.12/CS6 12294 26140 3

Soil Sulfur 90%

Soil Sulfur:

  • Aids in uptake of Nitrogen
  • Stimulates seed formation and plant growth vigor
  • ​Helps maintain dark green color

NP-DS90-44 LB.12/CS
6 12294 90000 5