Nitro-Phos Weed & Feed 15-5-10 

​​Nitro-Phos Weed & Feed controls a wide range of lawn weeds including:

  • Chickweed, clover, dandelion, and many others. An excellent fertilizer for maintaining 
    ​a beautiful, vibrant turf.
  • For use on St. Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede, Bahia, Zoysia, Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fescue Grasses
  • 40 lb. covers 10,000 sq. ft.

NP-WF155-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 21551 2

Fall Special Fertilizer 8-12-16

​Fall Special is a winterizer rich in phosphate and potash for winter hardiness and disease resistance.

  • This formula provides the nutrients needed by lawn grasses in the fall to ensure vigorous initial growth in the spring.
  • Covers 6,000 sq.ft. 

NP-FS812-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 18124 4

St. Augustine Weed & Feed w/Atrazine 15-5-10

​St. Augustine Weed & Feed w/Atrazine controls both emerged weeds and prevents weed seeds from growing in St. Augustine and centipede lawns.

  • Covers 8,000 sq. ft.

NP-STW155-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 90015 9

Imperial Lawn Fertilizer 15-5-10

Imperial’s 3-1-2 ratio, formulated by Texas A&M, and the combination of 7 trace elements ensure a thick turf. This is the first recommended application of the season due to the rapid response of nitrogen. 

  • Includes 2% iron for that extra greening effect
  • Covers 6,000 sq.ft. 

NP-IM155-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 21155 2

Superturf Fertilizer 19-4-10

Superturf is our best formula with environmental concerns in mind. 

  • Contains Methelyne Urea
  • 50% of the nitrogen is slow release for less nitrogen run-off. 
  • Feeds up 12 to 16 weeks 
  • Contains 4% iron and extra amounts of magnesium, manganese and zinc.
  • Covers 7,600 sq.ft.

NP-SU194-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 21941 1


Lawn Fertilizer

Granular Blend 15-5-10

​Granular blend without trace elements is a premium yet cost effective choice that provides a rapid response of nitrogen for early spring green up.

NP-GB155-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 20132 4

Sweet Green Organic Lawn & Plant Food 11-0-4

Sweet Green contains a mixture of natural proteins from cane molasses, beet molasses, and single cell protein fermentation. Sweet Green improves the health of the soil as it increases the population of beneficial microbes and creates a healthy environment to promote optimal health and performance.

  • 44 lb. bag covers 4,840 sq.ft.
  • 40% of the available Nitrogen is Controlled Release​

NP-SG110-4444 LB.40/PALLET
6 12291 90032 6

Landscaper’s Blend 21-7-14

​Landscapers Blend is a concentrated formula for commercial use.

  • ​50% of nitrogen is in sulfur-coated urea to extend the release of nitrogen.
  • ​Contains 3% iron
  • ​Contains 7% sulfur and trace elements
  • ​Covers 8,400 sq.ft.

NP-LB217-4040 LB.50/PALLET
6 12294 20134 8